Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Contest: JD Harmeyer Apology Contest

During the Howard Stern Show on November 14th, Jamie "JD" Harmeyer proved to be the mean-spirited person that he is by bullying Jason Kaplan.  And Jason is his boss!  Clearly an apology is in order, and we all know that JD is not a master of the English language.  JD desperately needs your help in crafting a proper apology to Jason Kaplan. Update: On November 15th, JD apologized on Back Office Radio, and Jason Kaplan magnanimously accepted.

We need you to tweet your apology suggestions for JD to use. Update: We need you to tweet your apology suggestions that JD should have used. The grand prize winner will be chosen at random and announced 1 week from the first day of the contest.

Grand Prize: $25 Arch Card that can be used at any participating McDonald's location in the U.S.  McDonald's is a regular lunch stop for JD.

To participate in this contest you must do the following:
1. Retweet the @jasonkapfanclub tweet that references this contest.  I'm trying to spread word about the contest.
2. Tweet your apology suggestion for JD to @jasonkapfanclub with hashtag #jd .  Tweet as often as you like.
3. Follow @jasonkapfanclub.  This is necessary in order to correspond with the potential contest winner using Twitter's direct messaging.

Fine Print:

1. No purchase necessary.  Seriously, what the hell would you purchase anyway?
2. Contest is open to everyone except Mr. Jason Kaplan.  Employees of the Howard Stern Show, the Kaplan family, and the Harmeyer family are more than welcome to participate.  Even JD himself qualifies.
3. U.S. residents only.  Arch Cards only work in the U.S. anyway.  Prize will be mailed/tracked using United States Postal Service Priority Mail.  Not responsible for delivery if incorrect address sent by winner.
4. Submitting a tweet gives The Jason Kaplan Fan Club the right to use the tweeter's name or Twitter ID or tweet itself for anything.  The Jason Kaplan Fan Club reserves the right to reword, paraphrase, etc. any submission.
5. Prize will be mailed as soon as possible but no guarantee of a delivery time frame. Update: Your address will be kept confidential.
6. Winner will be chosen at random and announced 1 week from the first day of the contest.
7. The Jason Kaplan Fan Club reserves the right to cancel the contest at any time for any reason.  Shit sometimes happens.
8. By participating in the contest, the participants agree to all of the rules.
9. Jamie "JD" Harmeyer is technically under no obligation to use any of the apology suggestions, but he should consider them.


1. This contest is not endorsed by Jason Kaplan, JD Harmeyer (surprise!), The Howard Stern Show, Back Office Radio, McDonald's, or any other third parties.  Hell, I'm not sure that I endorse it.
2. The Jason Kaplan Fan Club is run by a Jason Kaplan fanatic that has never actually met Jason Kaplan.  Jason once said that he hopes he never meets me, because it's far more interesting to be unknown to him.  I cannot agree more.   The speculation outdistances the actual person.