Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jason Kaplan (and Ben Barto) Featured in The Amazing Spider-Man #700 Easter Egg!

Who would've thought that Jason Kaplan's History & Journalism BA degree (Rutgers University, 2001) would lead to a front page by-line on  His journalism background collided with his love for comics in The Amazing Spider-Man #700 page 5.  This is the final issue of the comic run and sets up The Superior Spider-Man that starts in January.  GEEKTIME! producer Ben Barto is also prominently featured with a by-line.  Unlike The Associated Press, I won't spoil the story or ending except to write that Jason Kaplan IS NOT the Superior Spider-Man.  That could've been too obvious of a progression for Marvel Comics.  

Please tweet me if you know who at Marvel Comics made this really cool Easter egg happen.  They deserve credit.

The Amazing Spider-Man #700 is available from comic retailers today!

*Preview image from The Amazing Spider-Man #700 found on .